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Last year I decided to start my own range of home decor products. I have hundreds or sketch pads and note books lying around my studio filled with lots of spontaneous scribblings and designs, but to develop products takes time and money so I’m starting off small. My range is simply called house because I like clean, honest and uncluttered design and my products are essentially for the home. I wanted a word that would embody both of these elements. house  made logical sense. So here goes……

Concrete T-light Holders: Made from high strength concrete (like as in seriously strong) and sealed with silicone sealer so wax won’t stick and greasy fingers won’t leave their mark.

  • Round t-light holders range from 70mm diameter to 65, 50 and 35mm in height.
  • Long rectangular t-light holders are 70 x 290 x 35mm high


2015-06-16_001 2015-06-16_003
 Stars: These stars have a hook at the back for hanging on walls but can also be decorative objects for a coffee table. They are made from an organic gypsum resin using either silica sand or marble dust as filler. The result is a star that looks and feels like it came off a sand-castle.

Cocktail Bowls: Inspired by 60’s shapes these bowls are made from pigmented clear casting resin and are ideal for serving small snack food items like olives and peanuts.

Christmas Decorations: Simple shapes cast out of either pigmented clear casting or organic resin and finished off with water-paper to create the effect of raw pieces of glass and stone that have been corroded by sea salt and washed up on a beach.


Buddhas: Clear casting resin seems to be one of my favourite materials at the moment. These Buddhas get sand-blasted so that when they are near to a light source they light up and glow. Size: 170 wide x 250mm high

Vegetable Tiles: These plaques are made from a concrete plaster that has been aged with an oil based patina. size: 250 x 250mm

Plaster Objects: Not plaster in the conventional sense of the word, I use a material that is 20 times stronger, doesn’t go powdery in damp weather and never yellows. However watch this space because these objects are about to get a face lift.

T-Light Holders: Made from white cement and sand, these t-light holders can be used both in and out-doors. Size: 175mm diameter

Paper Weights: Okay, so who uses paper weights these days? No one really….but how cool do these look anyway? Size: 85 x 85 x 85mm

Beach Pebble t-Light Holders: These little beach pebbles come in a variety of natural  colours. They are made using non-flammable resin,  natural pigments and silica sand. They are non-toxic and you don’t ever have to worry about them catching fire.

Resin Plates: Darn it!!! but I’m loving resin. I can’t get enough of it’s translucency. Finished with fine water-paper, 250mm diameter, and are available in all the primary and secondary colours. Salad platters coming next.

Jaclyn’s Heart: Made using white cement and sand, this concrete candle holder can hold a 65mm pillar candle. 250 x 250mm

Concrete Objects:  Almost everything I make from plaster I make in concrete also. Concrete has to be one of the most versatile materials on the planet and is very under-rated.  As you are reading this I am busy developing a huge range of new concrete products.