Damien Grivas

Fine Art and Workshops.


Client: Reddeco Interiors and Architecture for Herman Smit Optometrist

Project: 5.5m long decorative Pin Art inspired dowel stick relief above spectacle and sunglasses showcase

Materials: CNC Supawood panels, 7200 dowel sticks, walnut  stained Monocoat sealer, paint, wood glue



Client: Cross Colours for Development Bank of Southern Africa

Project:  5800 x 2900 Map of Africa for DBSA’s newly renovated reception area

Materials: Aluminium back-panels, stainless steel, laser cut mild steel, laser cut coloured Perspex and paint



Weinberg Memorial

Client: Andrew Lindsey for the City of Johannesburg

Project: Technical consultation and assistance, mould and pattern making for The Weinberg Memorial in Savoy, Orange Grove

Material: Card-board, varnish, silicone, concrete, concrete pigment and re-bar


Totally Concrete Expo 2013

In 2013 I was invited by PPC to give a lecture at the Totally Concrete Expo at the Sandton Convention Centre. The aim of my “Playing with Concrete’ presentation was to break down any fears that anyone wanting to use concrete for the first  time may have  had by showing them how easy the material is to use and by encouraging a spirit of  playfulness and experimentation. I also brought a whole lot of objects I had cast using plastic containers, which would have otherwise ended up in land-fills. as moulds  to demonstrate that expensive moulds aren’t necessary for casting concrete in either. 2014-06-15_0022014-06-15_001